Quality, continuity and sustainability: anchored in our organisation

ISO certification
Since 2012, we have possessed the ISO 9001 certificate, which demonstrates that our quality management system complies with international standards. We have also gained ISO 3834-2 certification specifically for our welding activities. And our environmental management system is certified to ISO 14001.

To allow the origin of sheet and construction materials to be traced, we have developed our own registration and tracing system that works based on bar codes. All plate and construction materials that come in are known, provided with a 3.1 certificate, and can be traced to their origin via our ERP system. Using this system, the traceability of the material is guaranteed, we always have an up-to-date overview of the stock and we create 5% less metal waste. You can also read the publications about our system that have appeared in various trade journals.

Personnel policy
Kepser attaches great importance to being a good employer. Our personnel can count on varied work in a clean, healthy working environment. We ensure excellent working conditions, all employees are entitled to free further education, and everyone receives proper supervision.