Kepser Pro-Metaal: professionals in metal for nearly 60 years

On 1 April 1958 Harry Kepser took over the forge in Sint Agatha (in the eastern Netherlands) where he worked at that time with two others. Under his leadership the company, which until then had mainly concentrated on farriery and agricultural mechanisation, started to produce steel constructions.

By 1962 Kepser needed to expand. A workshop of 20 by 30 metres was built. By this time the company had 10 employees.

In 1968, when Kepser was celebrating ten years of existence, a second workshop was added and extra machines were purchased. The work force had by then grown to 30.

In 1977, the company moved. Kepser could not get a permit to expand further in Sint Agatha, hence the move northwards to ’t Riet industrial estate in Cuijk. This was to a new building with modern machinery.

In 1983, Kepser celebrated 25 years in business. By this time, steel construction and mechanical engineering formed the main part of the activities. With 45 employees, Kepser was producing platforms, stairways, trays, tanks and silos for very varied sectors.

In 1985, the current director Chris Kepser took over from his father. Under his leadership, the business increasingly began to concentrate on the production of modules and intermediate products for OEMs. Kepser Pro-Metaal grew gradually into an all-round supplier, with the emphasis on sheet metalwork and associated profile work.

2008 was a significant milestone: the 50th anniversary. This was celebrated grandly with the ‘Kepser Pro-Metaal Days’. A major expansion project took place that same year. A new production hall arose, bringing the total size of the premises up to 10,000 square metres.

In 2010, Venrooy Cable Equipment was taken over, and it now forms part of the Kepser family.

In 2016, we have over 11,000 square metres of production area on our site in Cuijk, with around 70 employees working at Kepser. Enthusiastic and expert yet level-headed professionals.

Future vision
Whether you call it ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘Smart Industry’ or the fourth industrial revolution: machines continue to get smarter and the manufacturing industry is digitising at a great rate. The integration of operational processes associated with this provides opportunities for still further-reaching cooperation between chain partners and with customers. By continuously innovating our engineering, production and logistical processes, we intend to take maximum advantage of these opportunities and continue to position ourselves as the trendsetter in our sector.