Products & projects

Based on some examples, we would like to give you an impression of the kind of products we can make and the projects we have been involved in.

Do you want to know what Kepser could mean to your product or project? Then please contact us personally.

Wavemakers Production of the mechanical parts for wave generators: systems to create waves.
Skids/machine frames Looking for a good solid skid? You can build on Kepser. Literally.
Rigging systems Reeling machines and materials for lifting systems or complete made-to-measure systems.
Sorting machines Ingenious distribution systems for mail, parcel and baggage handling.
Pressure vessels Certified pressure vessels that comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).
Drive systems Hydraulic, pneumatic and drum motors, motor reductors and planetary gearboxes.
Casings In all types and sizes, for all applications. Splash-proof casings for marine use, for example.
Transport systems Internal transport systems for use in greenhouse horticulture and in nurseries.
Cable handling equipment We supply machines and materials for cable handling via our subsidiary Venrooy.
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PROJECT / Concrete moulds Metal moulds for the rapid...
PROJECT / Coating machines Casings, frames, sheeting and other...
PROJECT / Hydrogen systems Processing of heat-resistant...
PROJECT / Stackers Ideal for lifting and moving...