About Kepser. This is our story.

We are Kepser. When it comes to metal, our family business has been a source of knowledge for more than sixty years. We co-engineer, acquire and process materials. And we also put them together and deliver the finished product.

Our great strength is that we have expertise and knowledge of the whole chain in-house. Because we manage all the links ourselves, we know what works best and what we need to do at each stage of the process. That way, our customers get what they want: quality. And that means a lot more than just providing a physical product.

Because together:

  • we increase the feasibility of complex constructions
  • we increase the speed and effectiveness of work preparation and other processes through smart automation
  • we lower cost prices by cooperating more efficiently
  • and we ensure advantageous prices by offering optimum logistic solutions

We do more with metal. Kepser. Making metal matter.