Working for Kepser

The family business Kepser has no fewer than 60 years of experience as a supplier of machine parts, sheeting and construction work. “Making metal matter”: that’s our motto. Through teamwork, the best materials, and a good deal of knowledge, Kepser’s metal specialists realise that promise every day. What about you?

Kepser as an employer

Kepser wants to matter to its customers, employees and environment by working together to create reliable, high-quality, manageable solutions. And that begins in the workplace, where you will find many things – but no mass production. What you will find is varied work, a safe work environment, free education and excellent employment conditions – among other things.

Our values

To work for Kepser means to work for a company that places great value on the following values:

  1. We prosper thanks to trust
  2. We surround ourselves with experts
  3. We value equality
  4. We are dedicated entrepreneurs
  5. We lead the charge in clarity

Will you make the difference at Kepser?

Call +31 (0)485 33 60 60 and ask for Carola.

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“We are all family here at Kepser. And it’s a very big family!” - Diny, administration and accounting
Diny, magazijn en expeditie