Sectors & markets

Kepser supplies sheet metal modules and metal intermediate products to a diverse group of clients. And as we are well aware: no two sectors are the same.

That’s why we take into account the specific requirements that apply in each market segment. See what we can mean for your sector.

Sheet metal industry The exact dimensioning and precise, clean finish demanded by our clients.
Construction Special projects that fall outside the normal framework of a specification.
Logistics Complete modules for logistics systems, delivered directly to the end customer.
Foodstuffs industry Attention to safety and hygiene in the design and manufacture of the machines.
Means of transport Reliable and safe solutions for moving materials.
Packaging industry Production and assembly for suppliers of high quality packaging machinery.
Concrete industry Wear-resistant, properly releasing, accurately finished concrete moulds and sheet metal parts.
Bodywork/Coachwork Lightweight structures with modern materials for commercial vehicles and trailers.
Mechanical engineering A long history of solutions and implementation, still an important specialism.
Maritime/offshore Trendsetting in solutions that others fail to see or do not feel up to.
Electrical engineering Wide range of components, cabinets, enclosures, brackets, ducts, columns and rail systems.
Agriculture and horticulture Through continuing increases in scale and automation, the demand for suitable machines is sustained.
Crane building All the metal parts to be found in a crane. Traceable and if required certified.
Pharmaceuticals industry Machines and installations with a high finish level with the correct surface roughness.
Energy With an eye to alternatives to oil: innovative installations for the fuel of the future.