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Laser cutting

We primarily use our laser cutting machines to cut flat sheets. With our laser cutting techniques, we can carry out extremely fine sheet metal cutting with virtually no loss of material.

Sheet metal work
With our low labour laser cutting machines, we can cut stainless steel sheet metal up to 15 mm thick and carbon steel sheet metal up to 25 mm thick. Our smart and economical approach to sheet metal parts enables us to offer them at competitive prices.

For example, we use WiCAM software, a tool that helps us to calculate optimum nesting based on production orders from our ERP system Isah. This enables sheet metal work to be carried out with maximum efficiency and minimum waste. The residual sheet metal is managed using a special material rack with 200 drawers so that we also avoid wastage.

Laser cutting machines

2 x CNC Trumpf CO2 (5000 Watt)

  • For sheets measuring 3000 x 1500 mm
  • Laser work on carbon steel sheets up to 25 mm thick
  • Laser work on stainless steel sheets up to 15 mm thick
  • One Trumpf is equipped with the ‘Liftmaster’ system
  • The other Trumpf features the ‘PalletMaster Tower’ 
  • Largely automated