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Tube/profile laser cutting

We also use laser cutting techniques for very fine cutting of tubes as well as hollow and profiles.

The 3D tube and profile laser cutting machine that Kepser has in-house is a real all-rounder. A laser cuts free shapes in tubes and profiles up to Ø 220 mm and 160 x 160 mm, with a maximum length of 8000 mm. This enables us to keep the amount of drilling, milling and sawing work required for various products to a minimum. The less work involved, the better. We not only process closed profiles but open U profiles too.

Our high-precision tube and profile laser is extremely useful, providing all kinds of options for ultra-smart construction. For example, we make constructions with mortise and tenon joints which render the use of tape measures and welding jigs superfluous. And that also means that the risk of errors is greatly reduced. And if we do need to carry out any welding, we use smart methods and make joints which require no bolts to keep profiles in place, which in turn results in reliable constructions. 

Profile laser cutting machine


  • For profiles with maximum dimensions of around 220, 160 x 160 or 200 x 100 mm
  • Max. wall thickness Fe 12 mm, stainless steel 8 mm
  • This machine has an automatic profile infeed and outfeed system
  • Maximum profile length 8000 mm
  • Largely automated